2016 Duplicate Golden Spike Awards

December 1, 2016 – January 20, 2017

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If you brought home a Golden Spike Award (trophy or plaque) and would like
to order duplicates, place your orders online today! All duplicate orders
and payments are due no later than Friday, January 20, 2017
1. Next to CHOOSE AN OPTION, select whether you are ordering duplicate Golden Spike trophies ($130), duplicate Award of Merit plaques ($40), or duplicate Best of Show trophies ($200). If you’re planning to order duplicate plaques and trophies, you will need to order them in separate transactions.
2. Under REGISTRATION DETAILS, include your first and last name, email, company and phone number so we can contact you with any follow up questions.
3. Under NUMBER OF TICKETS, select the number of duplicate plaques OR trophies you are planning to order – REMEMBER: You cannot order duplicate plaques AND trophies on the same transaction.
4. Click SUBMIT and follow the directions to complete payment.
5. Repeat the process as necessary if ordering additional duplicate plaques or trophies.
6. Send an email to Sheena McFarland ( with the following instructions to complete the process:
     A. Your contact information (phone and email)
     B. Information you would like printed on each plaque or trophy
           – Category (I.e., Social Media, Video: External Audience, etc.)
           – Entry Title (i.e., Dash Changes his Ways, Twitter Influencer at #AHA14, etc.)
           – Organizations to list on award (I.e., Intermountain Medical Center, etc.)
     C. Total number of awards ordered
     D. Any additional questions or comments about your order


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